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    Company profile
    Registered capital 28.08 million yuan
    Annual sales nearly 100 million yuan
    Building area 28000 m2
    Company occupation 20000 m2
      Founded in 1994, Changzhou Wujin Jinbao Motor Co., Ltd. has become a technical enterprise in Motor industry, focusing on R&D, manufacturing of Motors such as AC Servo Motor, Brushless DC Motor, Stepping Motor, and matched drivers, and enjoys excellent reputation among customers. The bullding area of our company's plant is about 28000㎡, and it boasts superior production environment as well as very convenient transpotation.

      By keeping up with up-to-date technological breakthrough of intemational motion control industry and with the principle of "tech-innovation first", we are driven to make our products and services better by providing more innovative products that highly meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers. Over a decade after embarking on our innovation journey, we have attained many awards and achieved a lot of great milestones. So far, we have obtained 11 national practical patents. In the R&D of products such as AC Servo Motor, Brushless DC Motor, we have innovatlvely employed the software of electromagnetic finite element to achieve a more optimized design and we've also used NdFeB magnets that are of high-performance, and silicon steel that of high-quality to ensure products are well-deslgned and features in low-temperature rising, In high-efficiency and in ability of high overload capacity. In addition, the AC Servo Motor manufactured by our company has highly meets the second-class standards of efficiency requirements of permanent magnetic motors.

      The quality system of our company is strictly implemented according to the requirements of quality system of GB/T lSO900 1-2008 idtlS09001:2008, With more than twenty decades' experiences in quality controlling and quality assurance, we are dedicated to ensure that our products are of good quality and of excellent performance. Products such as AC Servo Motor, Stepping motor have been certified with European CE Mark. By now, our products have been widely used in computerized embroidery machines, quilting machines, packing machines, CNC machines, industrial robots and other automatic machines, and have been exported to more than 60 countries.

      In order to ensure the quality of our pnoducts are align with the international advanced standards, we have continuously i ntroduced well-known machines such as CNC laths, milling machines, high-speed punching machines and full sets of automatic stator coil inserting machine and inspection system that are of excellent performance. Our products chain is of reliable control, which ensures good quality and that delivery dates can be well guaranteed. With continuous improvement in products quality and technology, our product capabilities reaches the amount of 200,000 servo motors, 50,000 Brushless DC motors and 250,000 Stepping Motors.