Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Wanna Know – Poulsen

Something that you Want – Baileys

All I Need to Know – Gallagher/O’Reilly

Fire on Fire – Brasme/Ronkes


Taught by Vickie Jackson:


I’ve Been Waiting For You – Johnstone & Talbot

Big Blue Tree - Vos

Summer Sway – Flowers, McEnaney & White

Hot Dog Boogie - Sittrop

Mama Maria - Trace

Beautiful Day - Teather

The Picnic Polka - Paden

Hello Summertime – Jones & Lockwood

Barefootin - Thompson

Music to My Eyes – Steele & Ward

Get It Right - Glover

It’s All About the 3 Steps – Vane & Verdonk

Babylon – Whitehouse 

Summertime Roll – Warren & Poulsen

Get Wild – Glover & Thompson

Simply the Best – Glover & McEnaney-White

70 Year’s Waltz – Rodgers

Veneno - Vos

Paul Lipinski taught:

Love Someone / Kate Sala /Improver
Almost Saturday Night / Kinsers, Verhagen & Geclen / Improver

Boogie Queen / Roz Chaplin / Improver

Coffee Days & Whiskey Nights / Beginner

Bonaparte’s Retreat / Maddison Glover / Improver


Nancy Liskevych taught:


Senorita La-La-La -- J. Wetzel

In The Cards --  N. Poulsen

Celtic Duo -- G. O'Reilly

Train Swing -- N. Poulsen

Hallelujah! -- N. Poulsen

Wanna Know -- N. Poulsen

Good At Tonight -- M. Glover/J. Talbot

Wiser & Older -- J. Warren (also taught by Chi Lee)

Break The Internet -- J. Warren

Outta Control -- S. Ward

All of Me -- S. Ward

I Hope You Find It -- N. Poulsen


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Adventure 45 -- Voss / Belloque Vane

High Horse -- Schill

Everybody Wanna -- Argyle

Knockin Boots -- Pistoia / Stanton

Most People Are Good -- Robertson

These Old Boots -- Fowler

Down To The Honky Tonk -- Pistoia

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

Good Time -- Cain

Lucky Touch -- Argyle

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

The Most Beautiful Girl -- Poulsen

Chicken Fried -- unknown

Men Don't Change -- McEnaney

Angel & Corona -- Bailey / Sala / Bourdages / Verdonk

Keep It Simple -- Gallagher

River Bank -- G. Smith

Watermelon Crawl -- Lipscomb

Drinkin' Bone Boogie -- Kiernan

We Are Tonight – Albro


Diana Gallagher taught:


Simply The Best - Glover, McEnaney

Rock It - Wetzel

Simply Love You - Camps, Verdonk

5:15 - Whitehouse

Senorita La La La - Wetzel

Absolutely - Poulsen

Knockin' Boots - Flowers


Terri Slemmons taught:


All I need to know by Maggie and Gary 

Before I go by Neville and Julie

Bonaparte's retreat by Maddie

Dancing with a stranger by Johnny 2 step

Lily by Darren Bailey

Lonely Blues by Rachael McEnaney

Lonely lovers by Maddie Glover

Make it through Another Day by Jose and Roy

Nothing but You by Darren 

Roller coaster ride by Will and Hyunji

Senorita La-La-La by Wetzel

Thank You by Argyle

That Man by Doug and Jackie

Vacation by Maddie