Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Tiptoe – Whitehouse

Gypsy in the Night - Blevins

Come Alive – McKeever/McEnaney by S. Wu

I Won’t Let You Down – Blevins/Rushton


Paul Lipinski taught:


Make You Mine / Verdonk, Camps, Dahlgren / Intermediate
Story / Maddison Glover / Improver
Just a Two Steppin' / Gifford & Szymanski / Beginner
The One You're Waiting On / Maddison Glover / Intermediate
Cowboy Rides Away / Helen Owen / Improver
The Pretty Girls Said / Wheeler & Thornton / Intermediate
You’re The Reason Baby - Alison Johnstone / Beginner


MB Swikard taught:


Finesse- Lee

EZ Finesse-Christian 

Whiskey Bridges- Glover

Make You Stay-Trepat, Camps & Verdonk

Man of the Woods-Lai

No Excuses-Wetzel

Don't Stay For Me-Whitehouse, Madge & Belloque-Vane

Got Your Number-Bailey

Acoustic Love-Whitehouse

I Won't Let You Down- Blevins & Rushton

Pull You Through-Thompson-Syzmanski & Glover

Dive Right In- Craig

Follow Me-Bailey, Whitehouse & Sarlemijn


Terri Slemmons taught:


AILYSO (And I Love You So) by Paul Dornstedt

Alright Already by Yvonne Krause-Schenck

Silver Wings by John Robinson and Jo Thompson Szymanski

Amazing (oldie) by Noel Castle

Survivor (oldie) by Peter Metelnick

It Takes All Kinds by Rob Fowler

Sweet Hurt by Ria Vos

Believe in Me by Dee Musk

Lose Yourself in the Rhythm by Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Stay (oldie) by Jo and John Kinser

Chingford Cha by Michele Perron


Marie Del Giorgio taught: 


She's Gone -- Dhorne

Lonely Drum -- Mitchell

Dance Her Home -- Fowler

I Got This -- Maas

A Bit Lit -- Gifford

It Ain't My Fault -- Zahorsky

Some Girls -- Anderson

Pontoon -- G. Smith

A Love Worth Waiting For -- Gifford

It Ain't My Fault -- Zahorsky

If I Were You -- Risley

Whiskey Bridges -- Glover

Thinkin' Country -- Ward

Can't Walk Away -- Barsuglia / Gonzalez

Cho-Co-Latte -- Anderson

Made in The Shade -- McEnaney-White / Thompson-Szymanski

Double D -- Thornton

Country Boys Roll -- Curtis

Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat -- G. Smith

Washed In The Water -- McEnaney / Thompson-Szymanski

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

The Walk -- Lee

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Dizzy -- Thompson

Shape of You -- Oliphant


Diana Gallagher taught:


Doing The Walk - Grootel, Camps, & Verdonk

Pull You Through - Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson S

Eyes For You - Jo Thompson S

Friday At The Dance - Rob Fowler & Laura Sway

Havana Cha - Rio Vos

Irish Stew - Lois Lightfoot

An Angel - Micaele Erlandsson

Whiskey Bridge - Maddison Glover

Your Man - Carolina Ullenstav


From Kathy Verkamp at Rusty Bull and Hilltop Tavern in Apple Valley:


Aces and Eights, Esper

Booty to the Floor, Manning

Get My Move On, Jonno Liberman

High Dollar Ticket, Manning and Luccisano

I Got This, Konzen

Oh My My, Esper

Stomp Like What, Jonno Liberman

The Wolf, Jonno Liberman

Turn Me Loose, Friel

What If's, Annemarie Dunn