Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Boys – Blevins/Warren

Down to the Roots – Blevins/Whitehouse

Apple Juice – Blevins/James

Drop Snap – Vane et al

Mad crazy Love – O’Reilly/Gallagher

Hotel Room – Trepat et al


Nancy Liskevych taught:


Woman -- Snooke, Plain

A Little Kiss -- Poulsen

Just Drunk Enough -- McEnaney-White

Just Let It Go -- Mundy, Poulsen

Man In The Mirror -- McEnaney-White

Blue Sky -- Poulsen

Nothing Without You -- A. Bailey

Still Got The Blues – Poulsen


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Codigo -- Stott

Keep It Simple -- Gallagher

Almost Always (Over You) -- Barton / Brown

Down To The Honky Tonk -- Pistoia

Through The Night -- Neff

Kill The Spiders -- Teather

The Most Beautiful Girl -- Poulsen

Let U Be Right -- Scott

Whiskey Bridges -- Glover

My Maria -- Camaro / Albro

Get It Right -- Glover

Everybody Wanna -- Argyle

Havana Days -- Ray

River Bank -- Smith

House Party -- Short / Kick

Almost Saturday Night -- Kinser / Verhagen / Geelen

Angel & Corona -- Bailey / Sala / Bourdages / Verdonk

If You Want It - Sherwin

Country Girl Stomp -- Holley / Mosley


M.B. Swikard Taught


Get Wild - Glover & Thompson Szymanski

The Show - Rushton & Richard

Nothing Without You - Glass

This Is Us - Lee & Whitehouse

Absolutely - Poulsen

Just Dance! - Poulsen & Rushton 

Hotel Room - Trepat, Belloque-Vane & Holtland

Just Let It Go - Mundy & Poulsen

Your Last Day - Mundy & Poulsen

I Hope You Find It - Poulsen (Review)

Blue Sky - Poulsen

Jesse James - McEnaney-White

Bittersweet Memory - Vos

Don’t Say You Love Me - Richard, Lee & Lai

Extreme Love - Poulsen (Review)

VIP - Meeson

Is It Over - Poulsen & Whitehouse (Review)

In The Six - McKeever & Warren

Mind Up - Belloque-Vane & Madge (Review)

Revolution - Whitehouse



Terri  Slemmons taught:


Nothing But You by Bailey

Thank You by Tina Argyle

Before I Go by Neville & Julie

Woman by Wil Bos

Except Monday by Dawson

Lonely Blues by Rachael

Keep It Simple by Gallagher

Black Feathers by Kerrigan

If This Is It by Dornstedts

Here Right Here by Trepat, Kinser, etc



Diana Gallagher taught:


Nothing Without You - Glass

Blood Sweat and Beer - Winson / Dahlgren

Mad Crazy Love - O'Reilly

Never Growing Up - Simon / Glover / Scott

Lonely Lovers - Glover

These Old Boots - Fowler

Night Cha - Wolf / Fundanzer

Knockin' Boots - Flowers


Vickie Jackson:


La Fiesta Cubana – Verdon et al

Vanotek Cha- O’Reilly

Outlaw- unknown

Ain’t Misbehavin’- Mundy et al

Down to the River- Rodgers

American Kids- Pelletier

Chicken Fried- Wilson

I Still Believe- Hazard

All That Rain- Gabler

Sailing- Sjursen

Veneno- Vos

Thinking of You- Smith, Chaplin

Yankee Doodle Dandy- Hemmes

To The Moon- Multari

As Good As I Once Was- Born, Lindley

Simply The Best- Glover, White

High Cotton- Poulsen

Music to My Eyes – Steele, Ward

VIP- Meessen

I’ve Been Waiting For You – Johnstone, Talbot


Paul Lipinski taught:


Angel & Corona / Bailey, et. al. 

Knockin' Boots / Flowers

Lonely Blues / Rachael

Roller Coaster Ride / Bos & Chung

Lonely Lovers / Glover

Except Monday / Dawson

Down The Road A Piece / Trace

Codigo / Stott