Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Naked – Blevins/Lai

Do it Like This  - Blevins/Wheeler

Beautiful Flames – O’Reilly/Gallagher by Susan Wu

Thai of my Life – Ward

Vanotek Cha – O’Reilly


Paul Lipinski taught:


I Know Somebody / Brenda Shatto / Beg-Imp
Pull You Through / Glover & Szymanski / Int
Completely / Biggs & Metelnick / Beg
Pearly Shells / Paul Lipinski / Beg
What Makes You Country / Imp
Mood Swing / War, Glover & Watson / Int
Tiny Bubbles / Paul Lipinski / Beg


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Double Down Two Step -- Burton

Can't Walk Away -- Gonzalez / Barsuglia

Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat -- Smith

Cornbread and Chicken -- Baker

Sweet Sweet Smile -- Scott

Most People Are Good -- Robertson

Cards On The Table -- Gallagher

For The First Time!! -- Barton / Strong

Whiskey Bridges -- Glover

She's Gone -- Dhorne

Sweet Sugar & Spice -- Honing / Wessels

Bite The Dust -- Curtis

Crash & Burn -- King

Askin' Questions -- Bass

Homegrown -- McEnaney

Stuck Like Glue -- Cooper / Hunt

Crazy Foot Mambo -- McAdam

Higher & Higher -- Perry

Adventure 45 -- Vos / Vane


Vickie Jackson taught:


Fireman - Unknown

Head in the Sky - Gallagher

Funnel - Williams

I Won't Back Down – McEnaney-White

Hell Yeah -Wild Willy

No Excuses -Wetzel

Jai du Boogie - Perry

Join the Queue - Barr

OK (MRZ 2018) – Schneider / Hoeben

We No Speak Americano – Van Grootel

Better When I'm Dancing - Wetzel

Fresh Coat of Paint - Sorensen

For This Moment – Biggs / Metelnick

Doing the Walk – Van Grootel

Coastin - Yeoman

Betty Lou's Boogie - McNab

Company C - Bass

Bye Bye Mambo - Noonan

Hey Senorita AB - Beau

Fiesta Cha - Donahey

Love Will Keep - Schermbeck

Sugar – Musk


From Kathy Verkamp at Rusty Bull and Hilltop Tavern, in Apple Valley


Booty to the Floor, Manning

Burnin it, Paap

Coconut Water, Thornton

Cowboy Up, Hale

Double D, Thornton

Get My Move On, Jonno Liberman

House Party, Kick

I Got This, Konzen

Lock & Load, Verdonk, Van Grootel, Camps

Oh My My, Esper

Save Water, Drink Beer, Johns-Grose

Stomp Like What, Jonno Liberman

Sun Don’t Let Me Down,. Bailey, Lee, Sobrielo

What Makes You Country, Holley

You Look Good, Dominguez


Diana Gallagher taught:


LIke A Fine Wine - Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier

Havana Cha - Ria Vos

Thai Of My Life - Simon Ward

Waltzing Whiskey - Rob Fowler

M. I. B. - James O. Kellerman (oldie)

Half A Cha - Rob Fowler