Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Back in Town – Warren, Blevins, Szymanski

Sleepwalk with Me – Whitehouse

Secrets we Keep – Poulsen, Richard, McKeever

The Bounce – Blevins, Syzmanski

Bardot Blues – Ward, McEnaney-White


Paul Lipinski taught:


Everybody Wants / Stephen Pistoia / Improver
Beyond Wonderful / Julia Wetzel / Intermediate
I Got Rhythm / Roger Neff / Improver
That Old River Town / dj Dan / Intermediate
Down To The Honky Tonk / Stephen Pistoia / Improver
Hide The Wine / Michelle Burton & Michael Barr / Intermediate
Sweet Sweet Smile / Dee Musk / Improver
Every Step In The Book (Almost) / Pat Stott / Improver
My TShirt EZ / Lynn Card / Beginner
Born To Love / Rob Holley / Improver
Burning Man / Stephen Pistoia / Improver


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Hello Walls -- Hammond

Senorita Sway -- Perron

My Maria -- Camara / Albro

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Queen of Hearts -- Kaeswurm

Burning The Road House Down -- Fowler

Homegrown -- McEnaney

Askin' Questions -- Bass

I Got This (Can't Miss) -- Konzen

Coconut Water -- Thornton

A Love Worth Waiting 4 -- Gifford

Drunk On A Plane -- Graham

Clap Happy! -- Walton

All Bass No Treble -- Liberman

Nightrun -- unknown

Bobbi With An I -- McEnaney

Baby Likes To Rock It -- Rick

I'm On A Roll -- Holley

Let U Be Right -- Scott

Drinkin' Bone Boogie -- Kiernan

Thinkin' Country -- Ward

Groovy Love -- Whitehouse / Trepat / Dahlgren

If You Want It -- Sherwin

Askin' Questions -- Bass

Get Real -- Trace

Rumba Ride -- Bass

It Ain't My Fault -- Zahorsky

Chill Factor -- Whitaker / Westhead


Taught by Vickie Jackson:


Bad Girls MKTO Ezi – Sleeth

A Complete Change – Poulsen

Angel Sway – The Weardos

Gentleman – Wetzel

It’s Hard to Be a Hippie – Sorensen

Dirty – Sarlemijn

VIP – Meessen

Celebration – J&JKinser, Furnell

Tough Love – Winson

Groovy Love – Whitehouse, Trepat, Dahlgren

For This Moment – Biggs, Metelnick

Beyond Beautiful – Wetzel

Wandering Hearts – O’Reilly, Gallagher



Noel Castle taught:

Havana Cha - Ria Vos
Beyond Beautiful - Julia Wetzel
Girl with The Fishing Rod - Christina Yang
Texas Time - Alan Birchall/Jacqui Jax
Lipstick Tango - Michele Burton
Love Flow - Niels Poulsen
Rebel Just For Kicks - Ria Vos
I Got Rhythm - Roger neff
Cochito - Ira  Weisburd
Sun Daze - Donna Manning


Diana Gallagher taught:


Right Now - Niels Poulsen

Sleepwalk With Me - Fred Whitehouse

All I Am Is You - Julia Wetzel

I've Been Waiting For You - Johnston & Talbot 

Life Changes - Barton & Beau

Sangria Sun - Tina Argyle

Dizzy - Jo Thompson S. 

From Kathy Verkamp at Rusty Bull in Apple Valley


Desperate Man, Pistoia

Down to the Honky Tonk, Pistoia

Drink in my Hand, Goodman

In a Hicktown, Curtis

Lose It