Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Don’t Think About You – Poulsen

Taste – Blevins

Everybody feel Good – Blevins/McEnaney

I Remember – Musk

Off My Feet – Szymanski/Perron


Paul Lipinski taught:


To Love Somebody / Sarlemijn & Barr / Improver

Rocket To The Sun / Maddison Glover / Beginner

Make It Sweet / Rachael McEnaney-White / Improver

A Better Man / Kim Ray / Intermediate

The Most Beautiful Girl / Niels Poulsen / Improver

Stuck Like Glue / Marlow Cooper & Susan Hunt / Improver – Oldie


Nancy Liskevych taught:


Love Rush

No strings Attached

Somebody to Love

Wild Boys

Remember us this Way

Reason to Stay

One in a Million


Marie del Giorgio taught:


Apparently Not -- Sittrop

Ain't Too Cool -- Thornton /Roman / Swift

Lucky Touch -- Argyle

Miss Me More -- Schneider / Hoeben

Midnight Waltz -- Szymanski

The Most Beautiful Girl -- Poulsen

Life Changes -- Barton / Beau

I'm On A Roll -- Holley

Havana Days -- Ray

Queen of Hearts -- Kaeswurm

Gin & Tonic -- Sala / McGowan-Hickie

Lonely Drum -- Mitchell

Get It Right -- Glover

Adventure 45 -- Vos / Vane



M.B. Swikard taught:


Just A Phase-M. Glover & F. Whitehouse

Rock With You- F. Murray & R. Hadisubroto

Whatever It Takes-McKeever, Musk, Poulsen, Warren & Whitehouse

Electric Church- J. Barnes & R. McEnaney-White

Revolution- F. Whitehouse

Satisfied- A. Glass

Reason To Stay- D. Bailey

Jessie- R. McEnaney-White & S. Ward

Falling Walls- D. Bailey

Big Mouth- A. Glass

Oh Me Oh My Oh- R. Fowler

Gentleman-J. Wetzel

Rocket To The Sun- M. Glover

I Close My Eyes- H. Pace


Diana Gallagher taught:


California - Daniel Whittaker

Velvet Elvis - Graham Mitchell

Reason To Stay - Darren Bailey 

Codigo - Pat Stott