Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Where I stood – taught by Jason Takahashi

Blaze of Glory – Eurodance choreographers

Second Time Around – Whitehouse/Bailey


From Kathy Verkamp at Rusty Bull and Hilltop Tavern in Apple Valley, CA


Cake, Roldan

Crash and Burn, King

Flatliner, Dunn

Get My Move On, Jonno Liberman

Lay Down and Dance, Murray and Hadisubroto

Most People are Good, Francis

Oh My My, Esper

Pick A Bale, unk

Ring on Every Finger, Pena

Rio, Lowery

So Just Dance Dance Dance, Vane and Richard G

Stomp Like What, jonno Liberman

Time to Take a Heart Break, Farnham

What Makes You Country, Holley


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Cowboy Hustle -- unknown

Most People Are Good -- Robertson

Let U Be Right -- Scott

Country Girl Stomp -- Holley / Mosley

Beers Ago -- Schill

Dance Her Home -- Fowler

Forget-Me-Not -- Stott

Queen of Hearts -- Kaeswurm

Lucky Touch -- Argyle

Kill The Spiders -- Teather

Gin & Tonic -- Sala / McGowan-Hickie

Uno Dos Tres -- McClure

Thinkin' Country -- Ward

Cho-Co-Latte -- Anderson

The Wolf -- Liberman

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

Drink In My Hand -- Goodman

Boiling Point -- Winson / Argyle


Paul Lipinski taught:


Meant To Be / Doug Mazzola / Imp
K is for Kicks / Christopher Gonzalez / Beg
I Wanna Kiss You Baby / Norm Gifford / Imp
Blue Sky / Stefano Civa / Int
Love In Dream / Christina Yang / Imp
First Time / Niels Poulsen / Imp
Last Call / Mike Sliter / Imp
Dancing Around It / Dan Albro / Int


MB Swikard taught:


Blaze Of Glory- McKeever, Poulsen, Ward & Whitehouse

Lost In Love- Glover & Ward

Uphill Battle-Warren

Simple As Can Be- Wetzel

Extreme Love- Poulsen

Midnight Rendezvous- Barr & Burton