Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Stars in the Night Sky -  James

Language of Love – Poulsen

Pink Hearts – Poulsen

Doing the Walk – Verdonk et al


Paul Lipinski taught:


Margaritaville / Marie Sorensen / Beg
Crazy Arms / Paul Lipinski / Imp
I Close My Eyes / Hazel Pace / Imp
Given To Me / Yvonne Anderson / Int
Sunshine And Whiskey / Wendy Mager / Imp
You Broke Up With Me / Randy Pelletier / Int
Make Me Know It / Tina Argyle / Beg
Texas Time / Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax / Int



From Kathy Verkamp, Rusty Bull and Hilltop Tavern in Apple Valley:


Aces and Eights, Esper

Cake, Roldan

Can't Walk Away (Craving you), Gonzalez and Barsuglia

Hard Not to Love, Pistoia

Holler Back, Bailey

I Got This, Konzen

Just Dance, Verkamp

Lay Down and Dance, Murray and Hadisubroto

Little Bit Later On, Fillion

Lock & Load, Verdonk, Van Grootel, Camps

Oh My My, Esper

Ring on Every Finger, Pena

Stomp Like What, Jonno Liberman

Sugar Honey I T, Barnes

The Wolf, jonno Liberman

Up Down, Pistoia


Diana Gallagher taught:


Cold Feet - Gary O'Reilly

Simple As Can Be - Julia Wetzel

I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace

A Good Thing - Step5678

1,2,3 Beginner Mambo - Karianne Heimvik


Noel Castle taught:


Adventure 45 - Vos/Vane

Mood Swing - Ward/Glover/Watson

Hawaiian Hustle - Sue Shotwell

You Sing To Me Judy Rogers

Sweet Hurt - Ria Vos

Hey - Ira Weisburd

Last Call - Mike Sliter

Love In Dream - Christina Yang

I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


In A Hicktown -- Curtis

Fix A Drink -- Dembiec

Trailerhood -- Metelnick / Biggs

Thinkin' Country -- Ward

Wave on Wave -- Birchall

Better When I'm Dancin' -- Wetzel

Sugar Honey I.T. -- Barnes

For The First Time!! -- Barton / Strong

Smokey Places -- Perron

Rose Garden -- Thompson

Simple As Can Be -- Wetzel

Let U Be Right -- Scott

Forget-Me-Not -- Stott

Gin & Tonic -- Sala / McGowan-Hickie

We Are Tonight -- Albro

Most People Are Good -- Robertson

The Real Deal -- Barton / Brown

She's Gone -- Dhorne

American Kids -- Pelletier

Better When I'm Dancing -- Wetzel

Cards on The Table -- Gallagher

Cha Cha Caliente -- unknown

Country Girl Stomp -- Holley / Mosley

Lonely Drum – Mitchell


M.B. Swikard taught:


The Language of Love- Poulsen

Mind Up- Belloque-Vane & Madge

I Hate Love Songs- McEnaney-White & Stith

Can't Cry Pretty- Fitzgerald & Harris

Mates Of Soul- Richard, Poulsen & O'Reilly

Without You- McCormack

Do It Like This- Blevins & Wheeler

Lil' Mama- Blevins & Szymanski

Mood Swing- Glover, Ward & Watson

No Excuses- Wetzel