Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Acoustic Love – Whitehouse

Just Drunk Enough – McEnaney-White

So Tied Up – D. Bailey

Dive Right In – Craig


Paul Lipinski taught:


Stand By My Woman Man / Patricia Stott / Beginner
We Only Live Once / Robbie McGowan Hickey / Intermediate
Oh Carol / Verdonk, Dahlgren, Camps / Beginner
Lipstick Tango / Michele Burton / High Beginner
Why Do Fools Fall In Love / Marie McLeod / Improver
For The World / Maddison Glover / Improver
It Takes All Kinds / Rob Fowler / Beginner
Country / Rock N' Roll / Maria Tao / Intermediate


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


All Bass No Treble -- Libertwins

Dance Her Home -- Fowler

Country Girl Shake -- Adlam / Hunt

Boomerang -- Painter

Blow Me A Kiss -- Shatto

Clap Happy! -- Walton

Can't Walk Away -- Barsuglia / Gonzalez

Big Blue Tree -- Vos

American Kids -- Pelletier

Made In The Shade -- McEnaney-White / Thompson-Szymanski

Don't Be Afraid -- Mager
Maverockin' -- Teather
A Bit Lit -- Gifford

Men Don't Change -- McEnaney

High Class Broads -- Brady / Babinec

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat -- Smith

Never Ever Go Away -- Vos

Heartache On The Dance Floor -- Pistoia

You Broke Up With Me -- Pelletier

Lucky Touch -- Argyle

Lonely Drum -- Mitchell

She's Gone – Dhorne


Noel Castle taught Jan and Feb:


Cut A Rug - Jo and Rita Thompson (oldie)

Silver Wings - John Robinson/Jo Thompson Szymanski

Beautiful - Ira Weisburd

People Are Crazy - Gaye Teather (oldie)

Bard Of The Bronx - Michele Perron

Got A Hole In My Pocket - Rosie Multari/Jo Thompson Szymanski

Put On My Boogie Shoes - Jaznine Tan

Sombrero Cha - Dwight Messen

Rose From The Sea - Rep Ghazali-Meaney

Doesn't Matter - Francien Sittrop

Dixie Road - Sue Smyth

To The Moon And Back - Gary O'Reilly/Debbie Rushton

Besame Mucho - Carl sullivan

Pick A Pocket - Jan Wyllie

The One You're Waiting On - Maddison Glover


Diana Gallagher taught:


To The Moon & Back - Gary O'Reilly & Debbie Rushton 

Sweet Caroline - Darren Bailly

Hide The Wine - Michael Barr & Michelle Burton

Double Down Two Step - Michelle burton

I Won't Back Down - Rachael McEnaney W

Oh Carol - Verdonk, Dahlgren, & Camps

Dancing Like Lovers -  Roger Ingmire 

A Complete Change - Niels Poulsen 

House Party - Jessica Short & Kerry Kick