Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Light a Candle – Whitehouse/McKeever

Kiss of Heaven – Poulsen

Sleepwalk with Me – Whitehouse

Rendezvous Cha – Takahashi, by Takahashi


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Pretty Woman -- unknown

Man! I Feel Like A Woman! -- Yoon

I Got This (Can't Miss) -- Konzen

I'm On a Roll -- Holley

Adventure 45 -- Vos / Vane

Country Girl Stomp -- Holley / Mosley

Sugar Honey I.T. -- Barnes

The Fighter -- Holley

Takin' It Easy -- Weith / Small

K is for Kicks -- Gonzalez

River Bank -- Smith

Cho-co-Latte -- Anderson

Gin & Tonic -- Sala / McGowan-Hickie

Runaway -- Hutchinson

Head Over Boots -- Smith

Cards On The Table -- Gallagher

Sangria Sun -- Argyle

Heartache On The Dance Floor -- Pistoia

Some Girls -- Anderson

Forget-Me-Not -- Stott

Can't Walk Away -- Gonzalez / Barsuglia

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Crash & Burn -- King

Burning The Road House Down – Fowler


Taught by Kathy V at Hilltop Tavern and Rusty Bull in Apple Valley


Cowboy Up, Hile

I Got This, Konzen

Kissing Strangers, Roldan (Taught by Noe)

Little Bit Later On, Fillion

Lose It, Morehead

Mmm Yeah, Roldan (taught by Noe)

New Tattoo, Holley

Sun Daze (using Simple), Manning

What Ifs, Dunn


Terri Slemmons taught:


Girl With a Fishing Rod by Christina Yang 

I Hope You Find It by Niels Poulsen

I Love Grandpa by Vikki Morris

I Was Wrong by Neville & Julie

Love in Dream by Christina Yang

True Inspiration by Julia Wetzel

The Way You Look by Craig Bennett

Eyes On You by Jose, Daniel & Sebastiaan 



Paul Lipinski taught:


Drowns The Whiskey / Carrie Ann Earl / Imp
Sombrero Cha / Dwight / Meesen / Imp
Holler Back / Darren Bailey / Imp
The Fighter / Rob Holley / High Imp



Diana Gallagher taught:


Lost In Love - Maddison Glover & Simon Ward

Soldier - Jose Miguel B Vane

A Double Whiskey - Gary O'Reilly

Texas Time - Alan Birchall & Jaquui Jax

Simple As Can Be - Julia Weetzel

Walk Of Shame - Karen Tripp

Texas Time ( Beg.) - Lene M Pedersen

Get My Move On - Jonno Liberman