Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Hot Damn – Blevins/McEnaney-White

Electric Love – Glass Bailey

To the Moon and Back – Rushton/O’Reilly

Speak to a Girl – Glass Bailey


Paul Lipinski taught:


Wonderland Swing / Michele Perron
The Older I Get / Wil Bos & Yvonne Smeets
Honky Tonk Highway / Kelly Cavallaro
Sundown Waltz / Robbie McGowan-Hickie
Love Like Thunder / Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
La Belle Romania / Ira Weisburd
Rose From The Sea / Rep Ghazali-Meaney


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Don't Be Afraid -- Mager

Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat -- Smith

Boomerang -- Painter

Have You Ever Seen The Rain -- Musk

Ain't Too Cool -- Thornton /Roman / Swift

Big Blue Tree -- Vos

River Bank -- Smith

Lay Down and Dance -- Murray / Hadisubroto

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

Good Time -- Cain

Lucky Touch -- Argyle

Never Ever Go Away -- Vos

Love Done Gone -- Kuchar

Made Me Disappear -- Petrocelli

You Broke Up With Me -- Pelletier 

Better When I'm Dancin' -- Wetzel

Drinkin' Bone Boogie -- Kiernan

Cards On The Table -- Gallagher

Dirty Laundry -- Konzen

Double Shot of Crown -- Jones

Fishin' -- Painter

Made In The Shade -- McEnaney-White / Thompson-Szymanski


From Kathy at Cadillac Ranch in Apple Valley


Booty to the Floor, Manning

Booze Cruise, Manning

Dirt on my Boots, Welsh

Get Ugly, Jonno Liberman

Girl I Love to Look at You, Holley

Head Over Boots, Dembiec

Heartache on the Dance Floor, Pistoia

Lay Low, Bailey

Lonely Drum, Mitchell

Meant to Be, What Ifs, Dunn

Shape of You, Oliphant

The Fighter, Holley


Vickie Jackson taught:


Love Like Thunder – Erlandsson

Delilah – Vos

Yeah! – Barr

That Ceiling Feeling – McEnaney-White

Final Fantasy – Trepat

Nancy Mulligan – Gallagher, O’Reilly

Poker Face – Bennett

Don’t Mind If I Do – Barr

Autour Du Sapin De Noel – Durand, Moulin

Dominick the Donkey – Hitchen

Two Step Rescue – DoItInLineDancers, Jackson, Schaefer



Diana Gallagher taught:


My Reason - Verdonk, Camps, & Alart

White Summer Dress - Daniel Trepat & Junghye Lee

V I P - Dwight Meessen

Christmas Twist - Junghye Lee


Terri Slemmons taught:


If You Ever – Warren/Oswald

Scarborough Waltz (oldie) - Larry Schmidt

Eyes for You - Jo Thompson Szymanski

Midnight Walk - Frank Trace

Sweet Caroline - Darren Bailey

People Are Good - Gary O'Reilly

Old and Grey - Rob Fowler

The One You're Waiting On - Maddison Glover

My Reason - Roy, Jeff and Betty

Oklahoma Wind (oldie) - Gaye Teather

Wandering Hearts - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Coffee Time Samba (oldies) - Ria Vos

Windy City Waltz (oldie) - Simon Ward

Rose from the Sea - Rip Ghazali-Meaney

Shame & Scandal in the Family (oldie) - Rip Ghazali