Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Hurts Like a Cha Cha – Team Intl

If You Ever – Warren/Oswald

Sexy Beaches – McKeever et al – by S. Wu

Everybody’s Groovin’ – Lai/Thompson Szymanski


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Heartache On The Dance Floor -- Pistoia

You Broke Up With Me -- Pelletier

Ain't Too Cool -- Thornton / Roman / Swift

Don't Be Afraid -- Mager

High Class Broads -- Brady / Babinec

Shape of You -- Oliphant

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Cards On The Table -- Gallagher

Stop and Drink -- Weiss

Hello Walls -- Hammond

In The Basement -- Todd

Helluva Polka -- Hunyadi

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

If You Want It -- Sherwin

Double D -- Thornton

Rockin' With The Rhythm – Fowler


LuLu Lin taught:


Equal Love - Simon Ward/Niels Poulsen

Lay It Back - Shane McKeever et al

Sexy Beaches - Dee Musk et al

The Blame - Ria Vos

Final Fantasy - Roy Verdonk

If You Ever - Joey Warren/Heidi Oswald

Beautiful Wonderful - Debbie Rushton/Anderson (re-teaching)

Lipstick Tango - Michele Burton

Speak To A Girl - Amy Glass

Boots - Maddison Glover

Story - Maddison Glover

Eyes For you - Jo Thompson 

More Than Friends - Kate Sala

Teenage Dreams - Rob Fowler

Hurts Like A Cha Cha - Simon Ward et al

Should Be Loved – Rachael McEnaney/White


M.B. Swikard taught:


Beautiful Wonderful- Rushton & Tofte Anderson

Work, Work- Bailey & Fowler

Lay It Back- McKeever, Mundy & Whitehouse

Boots- Glover

Clap Snap- Lee & Sobrielo

Throwback Love- Belloque-Vane, Madge, Sarlemijn & Van Grootel

Change My Ways- Belloque-Vane & Verdonk

Gimmie Gimmie- Lee

Let It Swing- Barnfield

Let The Little Girl Dance- Dornstedts

Oh Carol- Dahlgren, Madge & Verdonk


Diana Gallagher taught:


Hurts Like A Cha Cha - Ward, Trepat, & Whitehouse

Beautiful Wonderful - Rushton & Anderson

Drinking Problem - Darren Bailey

Oh Carol - Verdonk, Dahlgren, & Camps

Just In Case - Cissie Sexton



From Kathy Verkamp, Chads in Big Bear and Cadillac Ranch in Apple Valley


Aces and Eights, Esper

American Country Love Song, Pistoia

Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Verkamp

Booty to the Floor, Manning

Boys Round Here, Kick and Short

Cant Walk Away (Craving you), Megan and Christopher

Coconut Water (Vacation), Trevor

Get My Move On (You Broke Up With Me), Jonno

Heartache on the Dance Floor, Pistoia

Just Dance, Verkamp

Lay Down and Dance, Murray and Hadisubroto

Little Bit Later On, Fillion

Lonely Drum, Mitchell

Meant To Be (What ifs), Dunn

Road Less Traveled, Frohn

Sugar Honey I. T., Barnes

Walk the Line, Larkin

You Be the Pretty, Jones



Dances taught by Vickie Jackson:


Woo Woo - McEnaney-White

Poker Face – Bennett

Do It In Line Two Step – DoItInLineDancers

Beautiful In My Eyes – Ward

Delilah – Vos

Time to Surrender – McEnaney-White

Jukebox Jump – Hickie & Vassell

Champagne Promise – Argyle

Let It Swing – Barnfield

Let’s Have a Party – McEnaney & Robinson & Szymanski

Summer Sway – Flowers & McEnaney-White

Dance Like Your Daddy – Wetzel

Let the Little Girl Dance – Dornstedt

Cotton Time – Archimbaud

Darling Stand By Me-  Biggs & Metelnick

Monster Mash – Herman

Alabama Slammin’ – McEnaney-White



Paul Lipinski taught:


Heartache On The Dance Floor -Stephen Pistoia
True Believer - Niels Poulsen
Summer Sway - Cody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White, Lisa Utz
Rivers Of Babylon - John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson
Creepin' Up On You - Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs
Bored - Ria Vos
Eyes For You - Jo Thompson-Szymanski
Please Don't Cry - Sebastiaan Holtland
Got A Hole in My Pocket - Rosie Multari & Jo Thompson-Szymanski
Forget Me Not - Patricia Stott