Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Somebody to Love – McEnaney

Just a Phase – Glover/Whitehouse

Secrets We Keep – McKeever et al

Love Rush – Ward et al

Falling Walls – Bailey


Marie Del Giorgio taught:


Unbelievable -- St. Leon

Thanks A Lot -- Noel Castle

John, John, John -- Legare

Have You Ever Seen The Rain -- Musk

Life Changes -- Barton / Beau

Lipz -- Gallagher / O'Reilly / O'Malley

Dance Her Home -- Fowler

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

Apparently Not -- Sittrop

Love Done Gone -- Kuchar

Miss Me More -- Schneider / Hoeben

Homegrown -- McEnaney

If You Want It – Sherwin


Paul Lipinski taught:


Homesick Heart / Maddison Glover / Improver

Oh Me Oh My Oh / Rob Fowler / Improver

Music To My Eyes / Derek Steele & Simon Ward / Improver

La Vie En Rose / Amy Young / Improver

Mack The Knife / Rachael McEnaney-White / Improver



Vickie Jackson taught:


My New Life - Offermans

Action - Bailey

A Little Bit Lit - Fowler

Rebel Just For Kicks - Vos

Bethlehem Child – Verdonk, Holtland, Vane

Let’s Do The Rock – Ehmann & Terry

Repercussions – The Girls

Under the Sun – Chang & Hsu

Tulsa Shuffle - Unknown

Down & Dirty - Thomson

Outlaw - Unknown

Blessed – Miranda 

Gotta Move – Talbot & Ng

Cut Me Loose - Fung

Oh Me Oh My Oh - Fowler

1000 Years (or More) – Ritchie

Gentleman - Wetzel

Come Dance With Me - Thompson

Zjozzy’s Funk - Velden

You’ve Got What it Takes - Barr

Dance Tonight – Kristina S.



Terri Slemmons taught:


Music to My Eyes by Derek Steele and Simon Ward

Veneno by Ria Vos

Veil of Tears by Tina Argyle

Shady by Darren, Fred and Amy (old, review)

La Fiesta Cubana by Roy V., Daniel, Marjana and Maggie

Jessie by Rachael and Simon


Diana Gallagher taught:


Off My Feet - Michele Perron & Jo Thompson S.

Never Comin Down - Will Craig

Veneno - Ria Vos

The Bounce - Blevins & Szymanski 

Homesick Heart - MaddisonGlover

Star Ring Waltz - Toshiko Kawamoto

Graffiti Baby - Julie Snaiham

I've Been Waiting for You EZ - Johnston & Talbot

Lento - Weisburd & Sarlemijn

Lie To Me ( Just a Little) - Jill Weiss

To Love Somebody - Barr & Sarlemijn