Lou Ann Schemmel taught:


Here Right Here – Trepat et al

No Sun on Sunday – Poulsen – by S. Wu

Up in Here – McCaffrey

Against all Odds – Ward

Strip That Down – Gallagher/Johnson


Dances taught by Vickie Jackson:


Yeah! - Barr

Lonely Drum – Mitchell 

Country Girl Twerk - Marshall

Bard of the Bronx - Perron

Timber – Biggs, Metelnick
Jukebox Jump – Hickie, Vassell

Delilah - Vos

Beautiful in My Eyes - Ward

Slowly Gently Softly – O’Reilly

Agua y Fuego – Verdonk, Sarlemijn, Trepat

Above the Moon -  Vun

Blue Ain’t Your Color – Verdonk, Vane

Boogie Woogie Country Man - Sorensen

Falling For You – Bos, Camps

Tango Cha – Szymanski, Szekely

Clap Clap Clap - Glass

Under the Moon of Love - McEnaney

East to West 17 – Johnstone, Ward

Alabama Slammin’ – McEnaney

American Cowboy – Peter, Allison



Diana Gallagher taught:


Here Right Here - Trepat, Kinser, Van, Sack

No Sun On Sunday - Niels Poulsen

We're In Heaven - Gary O'Reilly

Against All Odds - Simon Ward

Woo Woo - Rachael McEnaney

Summer Sway - Flowers, McEnaney

K Is For Kicks - Christopher Gonzalez

Bedroom Boogie -  Maddison Glover



Marie Del Giorgio taught:

Black Velvet -- De Ford

Half Past Nothin' -- Fitzgerald / Harris

Made In The Shade -- McEnaney-White / Thompson-Szymanski

Lookin' 4 Trouble -- Metelnick / Biggs

We Are Tonight -- Albro

Runaway -- Hutchinson

Don't Be Afraid -- Mager

Drinking Problem -- Bailey

Dirt On My Boots -- Welsh

Diffie Attitude / Honky Tonk Attitude - unknown

Quarter After One -- Hubbard

Country Boys Roll -- Curtis

Lay Down and Dance -- Pelletier

Cowboy Casanova --- Blevins

Thinkin' Country -- Ward

Another Time Song -- Beau

Drunk On A Plane -- Graham

A Little Bit Lit -- Fowler

Adaptable -- Trace

High Class Broads -- Brady

Bobbi With An I -- McEnaney

House Party -- Short / Kick

Sugar Honey I.T. -- Barnes

Homegrown -- McEnaney

The Lowdown -- Wheatley

Head Over Boots -- G. Smith

Heartache On The Dance Floor -- Pistoia



Terri Slemmons taught: (July and August)


Wind Beneath My Wings by Maria Tao

Drinkin' Problem by Darren Bailey

If I was A Single Man by Ria Vos (oldie)

Lonely Drum by Darren Mitchell

Against All Odds by Simon Ward

A Complete Change by Niels Poulsen

Here Right Here by Trepat, Kinsers, Belloque Vane and Sack

I Give You My Love by Noel Castle and Paul Dornstedt (oldie)

The Most Beautiful Girl by Niels Poulsen

My Fair Lady by Mayee Lee

Quarter After One by Levi Hubbard

Slow Hands by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Slowly, Gently, Softly by Gary O'Reilly

Stitches by Amy Glass Bailey (oldie)

Walking on Air by Simon Ward and Amy Glass Bailey

When I Get It by Fred Whitehouse and Karl-Harry Winson

Windy City Waltz by Simon, Ria and Darren (oldie)


From Chad’s in Big Bear and Cadillac Ranch in Apple Valley:


American Country Love Song, Pistoia

CCF, Roldan, guest taught by Roldan

Dance For Your Freedom, Roldan, guest taught by Roldan

Desperado Wrap, Raymos

Dirt on My Boots, Welsh

Get My Move On, Jonno Liberman

Heartache on the Dance Floor, Pistoia

Honky Tonk Highway, Carnes

How I Feel, Dunn, using Emergency

In a Hicktown, Curtis

Lay Down and Dance, Murray and Hadisubroto

Little Bit Later On, Fillion

Meant to Be, Dunn

Purple Love, Chiado

Renegade Stomp, Unk, guest taught by Roldan

Ring on Every Finger, Pena

Rompin, Roldan, guest taught by Roldan

Shape of You, Oliphant

Strip it Down Down Down, Shatto

Yours, Pena


M.B. Swikard Taught:


Flatt Out Dance- Ellis, Robinson & Willis

True Believer- Poulsen

Hey Girl- Erlandsson

Lonely Drum- Mitchell

Speak To A Girl- Glass

Against All Odds- Ward

First Thing First- Wallman & Hokdahl

Wandering Hearts- Gallagher & O'Reilly

A Complete Change- Poulsen

Are You Sure?- Lee

Latin & Lace- Bailey, Fowler & Glass

No Stress- McKeever

Blackout- Richard & Ridyard