Lou Ann’s Teaches

I Won't Let you Down - Blevins/Rushton
Lil Mama - Blevins/Szymanski
Tip Toe - Whitehouse
Come Alive - McKeever/McEnaney-White by S. Wu
Watch The Tempo - Xperience Choreographers
Tightrope - Gallagher
Follow my Footprints - O'Reilly
Thai of my Life - Ward
Naked - Blevins/Lai
Do it Like This - Blevins/Wheeler
Vanotek Cha - O'Reilly
Beautiful Flames - O'Reilly
Language of Love - Poulsen
Stars in the Night Sky - James
Pink Hearts -Poulsen
Blaze of Glory - Eurodance
Second Time Around - Whitehouse/Bailey

The Above Dances Taught as of July 18

POSSIBLE teaches under consideration:

Grow - McKeever/Maus
Where I Stood - Takahashi (by Jason)
Lost in Love - Glover/Ward
Make Ya Move - Hadisubroto/Murray