Lou Ann’s Teaches

Stars in the Night Sky - James
Pink Hearts -Poulsen
Blaze of Glory - Eurodance
Second Time Around - Whitehouse/Bailey
Where I Stood - Takahashi - by Jason
Uphill Battle - Warren
Vampire City - Poulsen/McKeever
Fully Clothed - Blevins/Courant
Lost in Love - Glover/Ward
Dem Dey Go - Hadisubroto/Murray
Rendezvous Cha - Takahashi, taught by him
Light a Candle - McKeever/Whitehouse
Sleepwalk with Me - Whitehouse
Kiss of Heaven - Poulsen
The Bounce - Blevins/Szymanski
Back in Town - Team USA
Bardot Blues - McEnaney/Ward
Secrets we Keep - Richard et al

The Above Dances Taught as of October 31

POSSIBLE teaches under consideration:

Consequences - Richard et al
Spinning Rooms - Rushton/Warren
Change Your Mind - Rushton/Warren
Whatever It Takes - McKeever et al