Lou Ann’s Teaches:

Boys - Blevins/Warren
Down to the Roots - Blevins/Whitehouse
Apple Juice - Blevins/James
Wiser and Older - Warren
Get Wild - Glover/Szymanski
Dance on my Island - McKeever/O’Reilly
Burden - McKeever
Fire on Fire - Brasme/Ronkes
Sushi - Lee (by S. Wu)
When You Walk In - Warren/Stith
All That I Need - O’Reilly/Gallagher
Roll with Me - Johnson et al
Something that you Want - Baileys
All I Need to Know - O’Reilly/Gallagher
Limelight - Whitehouse
Rolling with Love - Ward/Barton

The Above Dances Taught as of August 21

POSSIBLE teaches under consideration:

Reminiscence - Ward
JuicyFruit - McKeever