Lou Ann’s Teaches

Run Me Like a River - Richard, Kinsers etc
Clap Clap Clap - Glass
Taking Care of You - Vos
Straight to the Castle - Warren
She Used to be Mine - McEnaney-White/Pillar
Lady in Red - Ward
Serious Love - Blevins/Wheeler
Kissing Strangers - White/Ward by S. Wu
Tick Tick Boom - Rushton et al
Slowly, Gently, Softly - O'Reilly
Clap Snap  - Lee, Sobrielo
The Boogie - McKeever, Whitehouse
Blackout - Ridyard/Richard
Chase that Dollar - Betts
Throwback Love - Madge et al

The Above Dances Taught as of July 12

POSSIBLE teaches under consideration:

Woo Woo - McEnaney-White
Somebody Wants You - Poulsen et al